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DC International Comedy Festival, Washington DC, USA

DC International Comedy Festival, Washington DC, USA

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Supporting Glen Wool, Manila

Supporting Glen Wool, Singapore

Supporting Glen Wool, Bangkok

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Supporting Glen Wool, Oman

Supporting Glen Wool, Oman

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Download 'Dear Plonker' for free!


The epic and useful tale of a comedian versus corporations


In this book you will see how ex-banker turned comedian writes hilarious but legally binding letters to these corporate bullies… AND WINS. With the power of the law, a sense of humour and a ton of determination, he manages to get these companies to back off and sometimes they even end up paying him money for wasting his time. Not only will you laugh all throughout the book, but you may indirectly learn how to become a letter writing ninja.


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- Who is Aidan Killian -


“I am doing comedy because every cell in my body tells me it is what I need to do. I allow my voice speak what it needs to say and sometimes it’s funny. I love it and I hope you do to.” – Aidan Killian

Aidan Killian, investment banker turned comedian, now “consistently writes and performs the most committed, knottiest, issue-comedy shows on the Fringe” Chortle is on a one year world comedy tour.


He is one of Ireland’s most traveled comedians having sold out rooms in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Netherlands, USA and now he is proud to be returning to Edinburgh as part of ‘Heroes of the Fringe’  for his fifth solo show, The Money Shot.


The Money Shot is a thought provoking, witty and inspiring show that explores the history of money and how it impacts society. Aidan asks challenging questions, “Would you die for what you believe in?” and answers it, “Yes. If I was ninety.”


Aidan is a passionate, political comedian, bold enough to tackle subjects that others do not dare to mention but with enough charm and humour to get away with it. In 2013 he took on the bankers with Take The Red Pill, in 2014, he took on religion with Jesus Versus Buddha and in 2015 he managed to bring humour to serious subjects such as warcrimes, genocide and mass surveillance in his show The Holy trinity of Whistleblowers. His critically acclaimed shows received 5-Star and 4-Star reviews from Edinburgh to Adelaide fringes and his latest show, The Money Shot, promises to be the best yet.


Not only has he performed shows all over the world, he has also performed at peace festivals in the Middle East and Northern Ireland, he performed as a ‘highlight’ at Glastonbury Festival 2016 and now he resumes his world tour in South East Asia. He has made appearances on BBC, Russia Today, RTE, Channel 4, 98fm, 4fm, Spin fm, Bali Spirit Festival, Vodafone Comedy Festival. A grass-roots comedian and people-lover, he is Ireland’s only comedian to have done a sitting-room tour of Ireland or to leave  the stage at Electric Picnic, Ireland's largest festival, to initiate a giant group hug.


- Previous Tours -

The Holy Trinity

Of Whistleblowers


This controversial stand-up comedy show which debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 and sold out day after the premier performance. In the Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers, Aidan takes on challenging subjects such as homophobia, transgender, rape, torture, and genocide, “you know all the funny stuff.”


It is so much more than a comedy show and the powerful ending has likely never been done before at a comedy show. Expect to laugh, learn and maybe even cry. This is the type of experience that may remain with you for the rest of your life.


The show received 4 and 5-Star reviews in 2015 and is about to begin it’s 2016 tour in Australia, the homeland of the whistleblower Julian Assange, who inspired the title of the show. The world tour that will take him to over 20 countries including Glastonbury Festival, Bali spirit Festival and The American Embassy in India stopping off to so some charity gigs countered such as Burma and Cambodia.

Jesus Versus



This is a spiritual roller coaster comedy show that explores the lives of Jesus and Buddha and attempts mass enlightenment through laughter. Expect to learn, wonder, think, love, laugh and reduce the amount of reincarnations on your ultimate bucket list.


“Do not expect your average stand-up comedy show; Aidan makes you think, feel, laugh and will leave you with a sense of feeling good and wanting more. It is the type of show that many people come back to see a second time.“ The Happiest Medium New York


In preparation for this show Aidan has done a year-long course in forgiveness, gone on fasts and entered Buddhist meditation retreats.


In his own words... "Oh God, how am I going to make this funny? …Hello

… is this thing working?”

Take the

Red Pill


Why have so many people and nations become slaves to debt? What can we do about it? Good news is that all debts and mortgages are just an illusion!! Discover the hilarious truths in Take the Red Pill


“He cleverly and passionately takes us through his experiences with love, banking, debt, truth, beauty and consciousness keeping this sold out house laughing throughout the entire hour.” The Happiest Medium New York


Aidan Killian quit being a banker at “Bear Stearns” to save this world through laughter "one endorphin at a time." Learn how Aidan dealt with his bankruptcy and removed his 'debt' from the banks with unexpectedly comic consequences.


This show will open your mind and then blow it by revealing how the banks and courts are complete frauds as well as leaving you with sore cheeks and a happy smile on your face.


- Performance Clips & DVD -

"The Holy Trinity of Whistleblowers"

Full show - Sugar Club, Dublin 2015


Aidan Killian: WhistleBlowers

Adelaide Fringe Review


It is always going to be a tough gig to try and present a political perspective and give a voice to people who are often condemned by the media, and make people laugh at the same time. Yet this is exactly what Aidan Killian and his show Whistleblowers has made look so easy.

Whistleblowers centres on three historic figures in the world of hacking, telling the truth and holding countries, namely the United States, accountable. For just under an hour Aidan cleverly takes you on a historic and factual journey through the public and not so public lives of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and highlights the gross and unjust misconduct that has been bestowed upon these people for nothing other than telling some inconvenient truths.

Between all these not so comical topics Aidan manages to go on these beautifully crafted yet topical and might I add comical tangents, that all seem to have no meaning but tie the audience right back in to his end game; giving a voice to whistle-blowers and what they often do at the cost of their own freedoms.

For those looking for a little bit more substance behind their next ‘stand-up’ comedy show, Aidan Killian, and his comical take on whistleblowing, is exactly what you might be looking for. An hour of non-stop truth bombs entwined with comical tangents and the odd surprisingly relevant cock joke, is the only way to describe this master piece of a politically on point narrative comedy.


Review date: February 27, 2016. Reviewed by: Yewth Magaine, Dominic Smith

Aidan Killian: WhistleBlowers

Adelaide Fringe Review


There’s something deliciously subversive about sitting in a back room of a busy pub listening to Aidan Killian telling stories about whistleblowers.


If you don’t know Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, Killian assures, you will by the end of the night.


And if you’ve forgotten why they are important this Irish stand-up is your man.


It’s hard to equate the mild-mannered Killian with his tinderbox of a show.


The personal is political for Killian, however, and he’s not taking prisoners.


Politicians, the media, celebrities and his dad are fair game for a deadly arsenal of truth, humour and natty impersonations.


Killian’s show won’t suit the sensitive or squeamish. Some jokes miss their mark.


But if you’re up for a rundown on world events, the appalling treatment of whistleblowers, and twisted solutions to some of our problems, don’t miss it.


Review date: Febrauary 21, 2016. Reviewed by: The Adelaide Advertiser, Louise Nunn

Aidan Killian: Holy Trinity of Whistle Blowers

Edingburgh Fringe Review


Aidan Killian consistently writes and performs the most committed, knottiest, issue-comedy shows on the Fringe; he’s done the bankers, he’s done Buddhism and now it’s whistleblowers – namely Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning.


His mixture of charm, humour and blazing indignation is transfixing. If he wasn’t a comedian he could probably lead a cult, anything he liked, he’d have followers. It’s a great show, mixing some rather trad 'dad comedy', to get the party started, with ferocious lessons in politics, law and justice.


If that doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, then I’ve done him wrong, he’s put this together with the right mixture of light and heat, some cheeky laughs and sensitive, caring knob jokes (yes, it is just possible) all with passionate, driven intelligence.


He’s a bit like an Irish Mark Thomas, but without the cosiness, he gives you a sense that subversion runs in his veins. His manifesto for a geriatric jihad and the description of his how he would spend his final hours is hysterical. His writing has leapt on in the last year, this is a tighter show than ever before, well researched and compiled and with devastating facts about the treatment of the Assange, Snowden and Manning and a shock near-ending, but liberally laced with loud, rude, silly, sweet and funny routines.


You’ll be entertained, enlightened and enraged by turns, and as ever I can’t wait to see what he turns his attention to next.


Review date: Monday 17th Aug 2015. Reviewed by: Chortle, Julia Chamberlain

Aidan Killian: Holy Trinity of Whistle Blowers

Edingburgh Fringe Review


Aidan Killian is a wonderful storyteller who keeps his material fresh and researches it very well. He has superb pacing and is a master class in satire. This educational piece is kept spicy and includes some very artful alliteration and is akin to poetry at certain points with exceptionally smooth word play.


The way he portrays certain characters within the story brings an endearing filthiness.


The comedic elements are as well researched and crafted as the serious parts. The hour is punctuated with just the right amount of physical comedy which never goes over the top bust simply underlines points.


He has a tendency to look at things from a very bizarre way that people can also relate to.


With his excellent ability to work a room and an ending you won’t expect, it is easy to see why he is such a popular comic.


Review date: Sunday 16th Aug 2015. Reviewed by: Bainbury Magazine

Aidan Killian: Holy Trinity of Whistle Blowers

Edingburgh Fringe Review


The Blue Man basement was quiet, and velvety. The well-dressed audience sipped wine, or tea. When Aidan came to the stage, he punctured the atmosphere with his Irish accent and torn jeans.


The first ten minutes of the show Aidan made a quaint introduction to himself and the show. He charmed our socks off with his cheeky smile and embarrassed blushes as he stumbled and fumbled, admitting it was a new show. I was put on the spot when Aiden lost his train of thought and, eying the audience suspiciously, asked ‘’there’ isn’t a reviewer here is there?’’. My friend gave the game away, but what else could I expect at a show about truth, surveillance, and information?


Feeling like a Stasi spy, with Aidan talking faster than a Eminem on speed was not what I had bargained for. I was just lucky I hadn’t bothered taking my notebook… After Aidan’s initial hand-wringing, hair-tearing and tongue-tying, he warmed up nicely. His lyrical political commentary became poetry more often than tirades of cursing. And there was a lot of cursing. He was clearly a man with a visual mind, and his disturbed yet playful imaginings came alive to the audience. Aiden described scenes of politicians wheeling and dealing during a farcical apocalypse. Descriptions of Aidan as an old man in a wheel chair rolling, Kamikaze fashion, towards a gathering of the rich and ruthless, finishing in a final ecstatic explosion, had us all staring open-mouthed towards Aidan’s joyful, shining eyes.


The smattering of dick-jokes and farce didn’t distract from the gut-wrenching truth of this show. Aidan had us cringing, laughing, blushing, and most of all on tenterhooks to hear what he would come up with next.

This show is for anyone who wants to know more about real, dirty, politics, is open-minded to hear about conspiracies of all shades of the rainbow, and doesn’t mind blushing in front of an audience. The show was free but, as we left, Aidan’s tip hat was almost as full of money as our heads were of information.


Review date: 2015. Reviewed by: Broadway Baby, Felicity Harris

Aidan Killian: Saving Julian Assange

Brighton Fringe Review


The most apt thing about a show allegedly themed around Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is that this, too, is an often indiscriminate dump of a large amount of information.


Aidan Killian covers lots of ground, from the Israeli-Palestine conflict to the banking crisis; his standpoint that everything’s connected – from global politics to every person being a different projection of the same higher comic consciousness. Or something. It’s a wide-ranging, idealist mix of conspiracy theory, Buddhism and revolutionary thinking of which Russell Brand might be proud.


It leads to some dense, serious-minded sections – which might be what you expect from a show named after a politically-motivated whistleblower. There is some material about Assange – his background and, trickily, the sexual allegations against him. Chelsea Manning gets a mention too, for her bravery in being transgender in the military, and Edward Snowden, is name-checked but only in passing.


Killian’s earnestness is alleviated by dick jokes (which don’t always sit well in the narrative, especially with a sober lunchtime crowd), bite-sized characterisations (allowing the fictional version of his father or Manning’s commanding officer to spout all manner of homophobic rants) and an engaging delivery style. At his best he shares traits with his countryman Tommy Tiernan in the bright-eyed impishness after delivering a provocative line, or the distillation of a grand idea into a poetic nugget. He is far from consistent in this, especially in this early outing of the show , but he’s charming and passionate – and that goes a long way.


He’s sometimes a bit of smartarse, too, which has landed him in trouble with the police, which he describes in an entertaining anecdote, one of the best parts of the show but almost an aside to its main thrust. But sometimes his smug clever-clever approach grates, such as when he loudly protests at being called ‘Mr’ because of some connotation or other – though sheer-bloodymindedness is the real issue – or rails against some poor bank call-centre worker. This is the payoff to a long segment about financial institutions and ‘debt forgiveness’ (ie why he shouldn’t have to pay back his mortgage) that might be well-intentioned, but also comes across as naive.


That, as with Brand, can be his problem – that the politics seems adolescent: well-meaning but very black-and-white. George Bush bad (for there are jokes about him. Still!), hippy-dippy idealism good. If there were more jokes this would be easily overlooked, but at the moment there’s a bit too much proselytising and not enough punchlines.


Review date: Monday 3rd May 2015. Reviewed by: Chortle, Steve Bennet





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