An Adventure Home

It’s been a few weeks since I witnessed the Aer Lingus staff in Amsterdam stampede over our basic human rights to travel like a bunch of baby elephants with chili in their trunks. They would not let me on the plane without a PCR test and they were oh so stubborn about it. What happens when an unstoppable force meets and unmovable object?  The unstoppable force crawled back on a train with my tail between legs, to a friend’s house, drank matcha tea and devised a new devious plan to get home while keeping the nostril’s dignity intact. A private plane? A helicopter? Learn to sail? Pay a fisherman? These were some of the ideas that dissipated faster than the frothy bubbles in my tea.A journey home
‘It’s just a PCR test. What’s the big deal?’
I had one before and it caused me pain. It turns out I am not the only one, some people have even died from it. My friend’s friend, a 42-Year-old woman in her prime is now dead because she took a PCR test. Brain fluid leaked from her nose but yet it was not in the paper. However my friend married a doctor and that doctor died of Covid according to the papers. NOT TRUE. He died of a heart a random attack – then they tested him for he died. For the love of God, how are people still buying into this nonsense? For me, I love my body so I can’t justify the risk of taking a PCR test. In short, I do not consent. The new plan was more simple than devious. Instead of a plane, I would get a boat. Surely boat people wouldn’t be so persistent about penetrating my orifices. It simply would not be appropriate behaviour from seamen… or would it? I needed to get 2 trains to get to Cherbourg, followed by a boat to Ireland. It was a pain in the hole, but I could not allow them to stick that long thing they call a ‘cotton bud’ in me. Even if it was cotton and not nylon, rayon or polyester fibres on a plastic rod cleaned in ethylene, I still wouldn’t be queuing up, thank you very much. On the first train I was offered a VIP carriage all to myself because the train dude liked my face and possibly because I was not wearing a mask. In France, they were wearing masks outdoors. Viva La Revolution! My plan was to get to Ireland and once there I would tell immigration that I am not filling in their form or being tested. Worst case scenario, they would quarantine me or imprison me, but sure everyone is in prison these days. If they forced that upon method would do so unlawfully and without my consent.
“Just take it and stop being a drama queen.”
No I won’t, because I don’t want to participate in something that is harming my fellow brothers and sisters on this crazy planet of ours. I’m not sick so I refuse to be tested. The more tests, the more cases, the more cases, the longer this attack on humanity continues and I do not consent to being used as a number to further mess up the world I love so much. Even those precious over-paid truth-bending Pinocchio scoundrels at the World Health Organization have admitted that the entire basis for collating “case” numbers since the beginning of this ‘global pandemic’ is effectively null and void. NULL and VOID. In its directive published in late January, the organisation stated that medical professionals should not be using PCR tests with high Cycle Threshold levels due to the high likelihood of generating false positives in people. I asked myself, in my maskless VIP carriage, who could possibly be interested in what WHO people say anymore after such a history of gross incompetence and life-endangering malevolence but instead of answering my own hypothetical question, I came up with a VIP idea. What about a mask-free carriage? In Japan, they have women-only carriages so they can be safe from the molestation of the sleazy hands. We could be safe from the molestation of judgey eyes. In general, I don’t think that segregation is a brilliant idea, but I hear rumbles about health apartheid becoming a new thing. Not so log ago, many would have thought such a suggestion is ridiculous, absurd even, but maybe not so ridiculously absurd because, due to my refusal to take a PCR test, I have felt the sharp edge of the venomous-tipped sword on social media. Recently, my friend shared my Free the Cherbourg One, Gofundme page and there were 100’s of comments insisting that I have no right to travel without the test. Wow! Spiritual people who do yoga, eat tofu and bang drums in a circle insisted that I should be forced to be tested upon. Yikes! What is in that tofu? It made me realise that the masked masses will turn upon the great unvaxxed quicker than you can say a tongue-twister like, ‘ Super Sexy Swedes Suffered Swine-flu Shot Narcolepsy’
‘It would make your life so much easier.’
Yes it would be easier, in the short term but I bet two pairs of used socks and a packet of smokey bacon flavoured Tayto crisps that several Swedish narcoleptics would swap the ease and comfort of being coerced into taking the swine-flu vaccine in exchange for their pre-jab health condition. Ah well, you win some you lose some. Shush, go back to sleep my good little vaccinated Swedes. Sitting in my VIP, mask-free carriage with four red velvet seats and a wooden table all to myself, I could see a couple in the next carriage. I noticed that they had their masks down around their necks while playing chess, but after careful consideration, I decided not to report them. The ticket inspector was a lovely man, he didn’t check my exemption letter and he asked the other ticket checkers not to disturb me. I meditated on the train. I was happy.
‘It doesn’t even hurt and it only takes a minute. Everyone needs to do it.’
It may not hurt but is it necessary? The inventor Kary Mullis didn’t think it was needed for this and said, ‘with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.’ Maybe we could round up all those who are supporting lockdowns and keep testing them until they find some common sense. I also fasted on the train, not because fasting helps the immune system but because covid regulations banned the sale of food on trains to save humanity from this nasty invisible enemy, which makes sense because my granny always said, ‘you should starve a cold.’ When the train stopped at Paris, I was greeted by a bunch of policemen, but instead of wearing striped shirts, berets on the head and onions over their shoulders, they had black bullet proof vests, guns on their hips, and masks on their faces. They were scary. They were checking PCR tests with extremely clenched buttocks without a beret to be seen. As I was the only dude without a mask so my buttocks also started tightening. Apparently butt-clenching is contagious, whether you have underpants on or not! I wondered if some vitamin D and Zinc fix that too. One of the scary cops looked at me, nudged his colleague and they both stared at me. Four eyes on one hero. I was certain they were going to arrest me and force me to join the French Foreign Legion. Ces’t la vie! They were stopping everyone. The woman stopped in front of me and took out her papers. Let me say that again, ‘took out her papers’. Since when did we allow this to become a thing? How does one say, ‘leave me alone, I am a sovereign king with inalienable rights’ in French? I connected to peace within, smiled at the two nudging cops and slowly walked around the woman with papers, and kept on walking like Neo in the Matrix. As Morpheus said, ‘There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path’. 
‘Once you are tested, you will make other people feel safe.’
Hmmm. I am already safe and I cannot be held accountable for how others react to their emotions. But sure, let me play the game. The truth is, I have already tested positive for Covid and have the anti-bodies test to prove it so I am super duper safe to even those who sill believe in the ‘pandemic’. My issue is that they are coercing me/us to give up our God-given rights and subserviently bow down to some treatment to be allowed travel. This is FAR more dangerous than covid was, even when it was a thing last April. I don’t want to sound pernickety but I kind of believe in the importance of human rights. Call me crazy, but I believe that our rights to travel, our rights to privacy and our rights to bodily integrity are worth fighting for. I got ripped off by a taxi-man because I was distracted by our human rights being trampled upon like Bordeaux grapes. I was also distracted by the fact that he wore a mask on his chin. Why are we all pretending to go along with this utter stupidity? For the love of God, the asymptomatic tooth-fairy nonsense was disproved with a study on 10 million people. Not a few, not a couple, but zero -none- not one single transmission of Coronavirus from a person without symptoms. Despite his chin mask and his dishonesty, I still liked this taxi driver, and times are tough with nonsensical regulations destroying people’s livelihoods so instead of arguing, I bargained, “right you can rip me off but not that much”. We agreed a price and shook hands. Shaking hands with people with masks on is particularly uplifting because you can really feel their humanity bursting through their newly normalised unnatural ritual. I had time for a cider and a crepe before the next train Paris.
‘If you take the PCR test, you will be allowed to travel, again.’
The second train was run down but fast, just like the pondering questions flying through my mind, ‘Is it worth it?’, ‘shall you refuse the test if they don’t allow you on the boat’?, ‘aren’t women lovely?’ Yes, yes, and yes. I meditated for another hour and when I opened my eyes, the sexy woman in her early 40’s on my left, across the aisle had taken off her mask and looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled. My meditation powers are improving. 7.8 billion more hours and the world shall be back to old normal with oxygen and common sense! Did she take that dirty germ-collector off in solidarity or is it a massive turn on for women to stare at a maskless man while sitting on a bumpy train?
‘It’s irresponsible not to take the test.’
I think it’s irresponsible to take the test. You could be one more false positive added to the ever-growing casedemic causing chaos upon all good things in this world. Seriously though, French women can be so confident and devouring. And while I do admit that there is a gigantic resemblance between my journey home and that of Odysseus return to Ithaca, I refuse to be distracted by this sexy siren… unless she happens to be the captain of a boat. I pictured her with her captain’s hat on and me in my speedos shouting, ‘Aye Aye captain’ as we sailed course against the wind. The train stopped. I got another taxi; this guy did not wear a mask and did not rip me off. Hmmm, have you ever noticed that people who wear masks are more inclined to be involved in criminal behaviour? Even if there was a study done o show that 99.97% of those who do not wear masks, were honest, people would only believe it if it was on the TV. I say that with a dash of animosity and a sprinkle of contempt. Did you know the main Irish government advisors, NPHET were caught red handed using psychological terror attacks instead of science to convince us to follow regulations. On of our senators shared NPHET’s internal conversation with us, “Ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon, and the threat of a thing is usually more terrifying.”  …. One day, these people will be held accountable. As I type, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal. FYI – that is the dude who beat Volkswagon and Deutsche Bank. One day we shall all be asked, ‘which side were you on?’
‘You could be a super spreader.’
I am a super spreader of common sense, humour and hugs. Can you believe that ‘normal’ people would call you a potential super spreader? Apparently, it’s not just NPHET who use fear to manipulate us into participating in this satanic facade. I ignore the online abuse and travelled to the port. I handed the people at the counter my ticket and passport, they didn’t even look at them and just stated confidently, ‘PCR test, please’. ‘MERDE!!’. I tell them I don’t have one, they get agitated and acted a bit rude. French people, rude. Well, I never! They spoke, then shouted over my voice. I mentioned human rights, they laughed out loud, right in my face. I mentioned the Nuremberg principle and they closed down the shutters. The security man talked about my naked face and lack of mask. I didn’t even realise. I told him I am exempt. He was fine. We were both exempt from the conflict, but I was angry and still stuck in a land where my hopes of returning home were fading faster than many people’s muscle memory of a good old-fashioned hand shake. I saw the boat move away and walked to my hotel in the dark with my cases. I had blisters on my hands when I got to my hotel. When I got in there, the owner started screaming at me in French. I believe it was a mask issue or else she thought I was English, and she was still holding on to Waterloo. I was super calm, told her I was exempt and I even offered to put it on in the reception area, but she screamed anyway, and I was kicked out of the hotel at 10pm with cases during a curfew. I have had better days. I wonder was I kicked out as a karmic lesson for compromising by agreeing to put the mask on. Probably. 
‘You could be responsible for killing your own grandmother.’
My granny is still alive, but I have not had a real conversation with her since the unapproved, Pfizer experimental thingy was injected into her. I miss our conversations. I reached out to the Irish ambassador to France who was about as helpful as an AsraZeneca-caused blood clot. I am still waiting for answers to my questions below, 
1 Under what law are you aiding and abetting third parties in denying an Irish citizen their right to return home?
2 On what grounds are you patently refusing to uphold the Irish constitution?
3 Under what law do you support the coercion of Irish citizen to undergo a medical treatment / procedure, with flagrant disregard for the Nuremburg Code?
4 What is your personal indemnity insurance number?
Next up, I tried Irish Ferries. The woman at the counter was super friendly but despite her bright Irish charm, the result was the same, she told me that Irish Immigration would fine them if they allowed anyone on board without a PCR test. As she was speaking, I started picturing an older version of me in the streets of Marseille, playing pétanque and sipping pastis with my fellow pensioners – the few remaining pensioner who were not coerced into taking the vaccine in their younger years.  The super friendly Irish woman was still trying to coerce me into taking a treatment I would never accept. Friendly but coercive. I don’t want the PCR test. Ah go on, go on, go on. 
‘If you don’t take it, you should never be allowed back in Ireland.’ 
People online started saying it would be dangerous for me to set foot in Ireland. They judged and punished me for a crime I never committed. At this stage, Freedom Airways Alliance were working their freedom-loving asses off in the background. Zoom call after zoom call. Shall I get a plane or shall I get a fisherman to hide me under the mackerel? Some of the plans sounded a bit fishy to me but we kept our maskless heads held high. I talked to a pilot, a fisherman and some sailors, I was even asked if I had ever parachuted before. We had ideas and plans that drowned at sea but one of them floated and they nearly got me home. I would tell you the details but then it may affect others returning home after me. I recommend that anyone who wants to get home without being violated contact them now. 
‘The locator form helps keep us all safe.’
I made it home and connected with Dolors Cahill. She is a incredible woman. Now I can see why the media ignore her of vilify here. They are terrified of her truth honour, knowledge and  integrity. She is their opposite. And before you ask, yes I made it home without a PCR test or locator forms. I am writing this back home on Irish soil and grateful to be here. I shall never take a PCR test or sign a locator form in my own country. I think it is imperative to stand up for our rights. In my opinion, the regulations in Ireland and all over the world have gone far beyond any acceptable level. These laws are often kept long after they are ‘needed’ as you may remember from an incident in NewYork known as 9/11.  I do not consent and I know I am not alone because someone I never met sent me the link to the song, ‘You’re not alone’ and so may people have contacted me all over the world to share their stories and ask me for help. I do not have a magic phrase or bullet to give to immigration. All I know is, ‘I do no consent.’
‘Now that you are home, you should self isolate.’
I am now on tour, an underground storytelling tour of Ireland, sharing my show in people’s homes all over the country breaking the 5k rule as much as possible because I believe it to be essential to exercise our rights to travel, too earn a living and to gather. I can only do this because of all the help I received from so many around the world. I am grateful for all the support and love on this journey. Feel free to contact me but I strongly recommend you go to Freedom Travel Alliance if you are trying to get home. I also recommend you look within for your spiritual home, oh and laugh more. 
People awaken when they finally stop agreeing to things that insult their soul. – Dr. Jack Kruse

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