REVIEW / Chortle

“consistently writes and performs the most committed, knottiest, issue-comedy shows on the Fringe”

REVIEW / Broadway Baby

“Aidan had us cringing, laughing, blushing, and most of all on tenterhooks”

REVIEW / The Advertiser, Australia

“There’s something deliciously subversive about sitting in a back room of a busy pub listening to Aidan Killian telling stories about whistleblowers.”

REVIEW / CHORTLE (By Steve bennett)

“he shares traits with his countryman Tommy Tiernan in the bright-eyed impishness after delivering a provocative line, or the distillation of a grand idea into a poetic nugget.”

REVIEW / CHORTLE / Jesus Versus Buddha

“This 50-minute show, give or take, has probably more ideas and philosophy crammed into it than 100 other shows put together. It’s brimming, chaotic, digressive and smart.”

REVIEW / Yewth Magazine, Australia

“An hour of non-stop truth bombs entwined with comical tangents”

The Herald / The Money shot

“great comic ideas and pinpoint timing”

REVIEW / Bunbury Magazine

“Aidan Killian is a wonderful storyteller who keeps his material fresh and researches it very well. He has superb pacing and is a master class in satire.”

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