One Last Story

Written by Aidan Killian and Raphael Rodan. Directed by Raphael Rodan.

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"This gig has been the highlight of my year so far..." - Liam

The show is about the ancient Celtic hero Lugh, who is portrayed as a warrior, a king, a master craftsman, and saviour to Ireland. Aidan brings ancient mythological stories to life and connects them to what is happening in today’s world. Lugh was grandson to the Evil king Balor and father to Ireland’s well-known hero, Cu Chulain. The show is about facing our fears and choosing to act from a place of courage, which is as pertinent today, as ever before. There shall be ancient druidic moments of wisdom, plenty of laughter and space for the audience to reflect. 

The show shall be performed at a time when fear and control are playing such a major role in our society. The question is, can we learn anything from mythology that can help us navigate the world today? Lockdowns, hmmm. The question is, what would Lugh do?

I shall bring the show to people’s homes all around Ireland. If you have a venue/home and know a few people who would like to gather for a live show, reach out and we can chat about adding it to the tour. There is no need for funds as, ‘we are all in this together’. I shall eat with you, stay in your home, meet your friends and family and perform for your guests. At the end of the show, I shall put my hat out to help with travel costs and then off to the next town like a good little Bard

"Aidan is weaving a golden web through our hearts and homes across the land to help them all shine brighter." - Charlotte


Ah the magic! The fusion of Irish mythology with spirituality, politics, anecdotes, humor, wisdom and discussion of the immense time we are in, delighted everyone. Aidan is weaving a golden web through our hearts and homes accross the land to help them all shine brighter.
– Charlotte, County Cork

“This gig has been the highlight of my year so far, and I’ve gotten around! Aidan was funny, energetic and with the mix of people we had in our sitting room no one was disappointed. The old stories mixed with new adventures had us hanging on every word and the comedy element was just the icing on the cupcake.
– Liam County Carlow

It’s really magic what your doing ,bringing people together all over the country and helping to breakdown the fear of being with people, not cause of the covid but because of the police repercussions, the more people say fuck the police and get on with living life the better, thank you for spreading your bit of magic in my humble home and giving my outdoor fire pit /party area an initiation to remember
– Danu – County Wexford

I thoroughly enjoyed the story told, including the well researched folklore that was added for its great effect. It reflected well the current situation in which we all have endured over the past months, and the evening with Aidan and his wonderful skill was a lovely break we all needed in these tumultuous times.
– Pete – County Offaly

You inspired us and gave us believe our fight for humanity and the Irish cause is in good hand. My son was truly inspired by you, for me I learned a lot of the Irish strength in your words.
– Bosch boy’s Xavi and Juan – County Galway

Your show was great, thanks a million again for the laughter and the wise words…there was a lot of wisdom and teachings in your act…much to be thinking about and that reflect the situation we are in, the dangers we face both in the macro and in the micro cosmos… I hope we’ll be so lucky to see many more of your gigs.
– Ateb Betta, County Mayo

“Enchanting, magical, genuine and funny. Aidan has a beautiful gift of storytelling. He is a very funny guy, who brings people together in joy and laughter. When Aidan is sharing beautiful moments of life and knowledge, he connects with his audience in a genuine way. Very talented, great craic. Class act.” 
– Eileen, County Laois

That evening wasn’t about me as a host, it wasn’t about Aidan either, nor was it even about the guests. That evening was about US. It was a testament to the power of unity, and that when we come together in love. We can be the change. And so it was that friends were made and Joy was restored.
– Miss C, County Waterford

Aidan Killian was brilliant. What he is doing is more than just comedy show or storytelling, more than just a tour of the 32 counties of Ireland during lockdown, more than an ‘anti lockdown’ statement; what Aidan is doing is bringing hope and joy and a vital reminder of what it means to be human. At least, that’s what he did for me.
– Monica O’Connor, County Meath

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