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Irish Mythology

Written by Aidan Killian and Raphael Rodan. Directed by Raphael Rodan.

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The show is about the ancient Celtic hero Lugh, who is portrayed as a warrior, a king, a master craftsman, and saviour to Ireland. Aidan brings ancient mythological stories to life and connects them to what is happening in today’s world. Lugh was grandson to the Evil king Balor and father to Ireland’s well-known hero, Cu Chulain. The show is about facing our fears and choosing to act from a place of courage, which is as pertinent today, as ever before. There shall be ancient druidic moments of wisdom, plenty of laughter and space for the audience to reflect. 


The show shall be performed at a time when fear and control are playing such a major role in our society. The question is, can we learn anything from mythology that can help us navigate the world today? Lockdowns, hmmm. The question is, what would Lugh do? 


I shall bring the show to people’s homes all around Ireland. If you have a venue/home and know a few people who would like to gather for a live show, reach out and we can chat about adding it to the tour. There is no need for funds as, ‘we are all in this together’. I shall eat with you, stay in your home, meet your friends and family and perform for your guests. At the end of the show, I shall put my hat out to help with travel costs and then off to the next town like a good little Bard

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